Judith Zimmermann, Master of Economics

    Interim and Projects Human Resources /
    Executive Consulting

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    At a glance

    • HR Senior Interim Management and Executive Consulting in the field of Human Resources:
    • for global industrial and IT -companies,
    • International companies with multinational teams,
    • Line Management/daily and strategic HR business,
    • Negotiation partner of works council,
    • Consolidation of new structures, Change Management - and Restructuring projects,
    • Transfer Projects, Reward & Compensation, people and management development projects,
    • HR benchmarks, HR KPI’s, optimization of key HR processes,
    • Coaching and mentoring of HR Professionals.


    Consolidation HR Function

    Consolidation of the HR Function: Optimizing of Center of Excellence and Governance: main focus, connection to other HR Roles, structures, processes, key figures, behavior change, customer orientation

    Vacancies of HR Management Roles

    Filling vacancies of HR management roles and strengthen the HR capacity in critical business situations, extension of the management experiences in M&A projects, starting with Due Diligence till the Post-Merger Integration

    Project Management

    Implementation of HR systems, e.g. compensation systems, people development systems, competency-based selection processes, multimodal interview structures, assessment center und management audits, project partner in Bid Management processes of outsourcing und outtasking Projects


    Restructuring, Change-Management and personnel adjustments under consideration of retaining measures, social plans and reconciliation of interests

    Expert Check

    Benchmarking and Assessment of your personnel department, industry related regarding costs, performances, processes, key performance indicators


    Coaching and Mentoring to HR Directors and other HR Professionals




    topHR GmbH

    Managing Director, Interim Manager Human Resources, Executive Consultant



    Interim Manager & Executive Consultant Human Resources

    Judith Zimmermann



    Direktor Human Resources



    Deutsche Leasing AG

    Senior Manager Human Resources


    Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG,

    Human Resources Manager


    Projects and References

    Automotive Industry


    Japanese market leader of cable systems and door modules
    2.000 employees
    Consolidation and Extension of the HR Organization of the R&D Center and the European Headquarter in Germany

    Pharma Industry

    Pharma Group

    American market leader of medical packaging components
    1.000 employees
    Stabilization of the HR-Business manufacturing sector in Germany,
    structural adjustments and harmonization measures

    Medical Engineering

    Medical Engineering Group

    13.000 employees
    Sector R&D, global IT
    Filling in a critical vacancy,
    daily operations of HR business

    Private Equity

    Private Equity

    associated company, Service Provider Group in the educational sector
    Restructuring measures, including audits und assessments for managers and sales professionals, ranking charts

    Methods and Tools


    •  HR Toolbox of HR core processes, e.g. competency-based selection systems, multimodal interviews
    •  Labor law, individual and collective to manage the social partners like works councils

    •  Systemic advising approaches to manage social dynamics

    •  Economic analysis, e.g. expenditure-benefit-analysis

    •  Agile and classic project management

    •  Change-Management Knowhow, certified Coach dvct and European Business Coach


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